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New Product Announcements from Avian Technologies

Long Wavelength Range Wavelength Calibration Standard

As modern portable near-infrared spectrometers are able to measure at longer wavelengths, the need for a wavelength standard that reaches beyond 2000 nm becomes necessary. This new Avian Technologies standard combines NIST 2065 glass (Avian Technologies WCT-2065) and polystyrene, in a package with a Fluorllon™FW99 backing to give a wavelength standard that has useable peaks beyond 2300 nm. The standard size is 1.25” diameter (0.950” active area). Full calibration data, traceable to NIST/NRC is provided with each standard. The standard mounted in a Thorlabs MR1 filter mount with a 2” mounting post.

P/N: WCR-2065/PS-025

The same standard is available in a transmittance format, mounted in a Thorlabs MR1 filter mount with a 2” mounting post. This standard does not have the Fluorilon™ FW99 back plate.

P/N: WCT-2065/PS-025

Reflectance “Mini-Array and Micro-Array” Standards

Many portable spectrophotometers for the Vis-NIR are able to measure a very small area. As large sets of standards may be inconvenient to use or not suitable for field work, Avian Technologies has developed two sets of “micro-arrays” which are very small (60 mm x 30 mm), containing either 8 or 4 standards, in the same reflectance values as the heavily used FSS-08 and FSS-04 grey scale kits.

Our set of 8 standards includes standards of nominally 2%,5%.10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 99% reflectance. This array is bulk calibrated- larger standards are calibrated and then cut into small parts and assembled as an array. The individual standards are each 1.25 cm x 1.25 cm. Measurement data is provided at 1 and 20 nm increments.

P/N: MNA-FSS08-c