New Tile Standards Developed - Basic Color Set

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Set #1 — Basic Colors

The basic colors set parallels the CERAM Series II tiles set with a few changes. Both a white and a black tile are included, as well as a difference blue and a difference yellow pair in place of the CERAM difference green pair. The set contains sixteen tiles: 5 achromatics and 11 chromatics.

Part No. ATBC-16-02-u (uncalibrated)
Part No. ATBC-16-02-c (calibrated)

B1. Light Grey
B2. Red
B3. Difference Yellow
B4. Difference Mid-Blue
B5. White
B6. Mid-Grey
B7. Deep Grey
B8. Black

B9. Yellow
B10. Deep Green
B11. Mid-Blue
B12. Deep Red-Orange
B13. Cyan
B14. Deep Blue
B15. Mid-Orange
B16. Deep Rose Pink

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