New Tile Standards Developed - Grey Scale and Pastel Color Set

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The grey scale and pastel colors set extends the range of the basic color set by adding a wide range of grey scale, including a difference 50% grey pair. In addition, the set includes a wide range of pastel tiles, which are based on the more saturated colors in the basic colors set. This set contains 7 achromatic tiles and 9 chromatic tiles.

Part No. ATGP-16-02-u (uncalibrated)
Part No. ATGP-16-02-c (calibrated)

P1. Grey 20%
P2. Grey 85%
P3. Difference Grey 50%
P4. Grey 40%
P5. Grey 80%
P6. Light Green
P7. Light Orange
P8. Light Yellow

P9. Light Pink
P10. Light Blue Green
P11. Light Yellow Green
P12. Light Cyan
P13. Light Blue
P14. Rose Pink
P15. Grey 50%
P16. Grey 33%

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