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AluWhite98 White Reflectance Standards

AluWhite98 can be machined and finished into a variety of shapes

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AluWhite Hemispherical measurement
AluWhite Bidirectional measurement
Hemispherical (upper) and bidirectional (lower) reflectance factor of AluWhite98

Avian Technologies LLC introduces AluWhite98 high reflectance standards. The aluminum oxide based material exhibits reflectance in excess of 98% over the visible-NIR range. AluWhite98 is available in both matte and gloss surface finishes. The matte material Aluwhite98(m) is quite diffuse and has a slightly higher overall reflectance than the glossy version, AluWhite98(g). AluWhite98(g) is a better choice if the standard needs to be easily cleanable.

Both of these materials should be considered as a replacement for Russian Opal glass which is no longer available.

AluWhite98 standards are currently available as 2 (50.8 mm) squares or 1.5 (38 mm) disks, either mounted or unmounted. All standards are available with either the matte or glossy surface finish. Custom sizes are available on request.

All standards are available with NIST/NRC traceable calibrations for 8/hemispherical reflectance factor from 250 nm to 2500 nm.