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Avian Ceramic Color Standards

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Avian Technologies, in partnership with Mt. Baker Research, has developed a complete line of ceramic color transfer standards. These tiles are more fully described here, or download this PDF for a complete description, including spectral reflectance data. Mt. Baker Research has performed other analyses, including a detailed gamut analysis comparing our new tiles with the BCRA series and a few other color standards. All standards are mounted in Delrin holders, 2" (52 mm) square.

Basic Colors
gray Scale and Pastel Colors
special box
Special Colors

The chart at right shows the color distribution (CIELAB b* vs a*) of the three Avian tiles sets in comparison to the chromatic BCRA tiles. Many of the Avian tiles extend and complete the available gamut of colors.

In general, t
his more complete coverage of color space improves results for many applications such device profiling, and instrument characterization and evaluation.

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Basic Set, chromatic tiles
Basic Set, neutral tiles

Grayscale & Pastel Set, chromatic tiles
Grayscale & Pastel Set, neutral tiles

Special Set tiles S-1 to S-8
Special Set tiles S-9 to S-16

Part #


AT-BC16-c8H (basic)
AT-GP16-c8H (grayscale)
AT-SC16-c8H (special)
Selected tile set calibrated for reflectance @ 8° hemispherical geometry, 360-830 nm
AT-BC16-c450 (basic)
AT-GP16-c450 (grayscale)
AT-SC16-c450 (special)
Selected tile set calibrated for reflectance @ 45:0c bidirectional geometry, 360-740 nm
AT-BC16-u (basic)
AT-GP16-u (grayscale)
AT-SC16-u (special)
Selected tile set