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CERAM Color Standards

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Lucideon Ltd ceramic standards, BCRA Series II tiles, are the popular standards for color calibration in the US and abroad. These standards can be used to calibrate color spectrophotometers in both hemispherical and directional/directional geometry. Avian Technologies CERAM sets consist of fourteen 2" tiles (the standard CERAM set plus a black and a white tile), mounted and sealed to prevent effects of humidity.

For an in-depth analysis of Lucideon tiles, refer to "The BCRA-NPL Ceramic Color Standards Series II- Master Spectral Reflectance and Thermochromism Data", F. Malkin, J. Larkin, J. Verrill, and R. Wardman, JSDC 84, 84-94 (1997).
Similar to BCRA gray scale tiles, color tiles are also available in several options:
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • 2" square or 4" square
  • calibrated or uncalibrated (8:d, 8:T, 45:0 or any combination)

Custom sets are available.

These standards are available calibrated with 8°:d hemispherical and/or 45:0c bidirectional geometries. Representative data, along with D65/2° CIELAB and CIEXYZ values can be downloaded for these measurement geometries: 45/0, SCI, SCE.

ceramchrom1   ceramchrom2

Individual Color Standards

If you wish to assure an instrument stays within calibration but do not have the time it takes to run a full set of CERBCRAAM standards, it is suggested that a single tile with some spectral structure be used**. We have found that the best tile within the BCRA Series II set is the cyan tile. We offer this tile either calibrated or uncalibrated, made to the same specifications as the set described above. The tile is sealed in a Delrin holder and comes shipped in a hinged plastic box.

Part #


BCRA-Cy-C Cyan BCRA Tile, Boxed Calibrated for
reflectance @ 8° hemispherical Geometry, 360-830 nm
BCRA-Cy-U Cyan BCRA Tile, Boxed, uncalibrated
BCRA-Cy-C450 Cyan tile calibrated for 45c:0 bidirectional radiance factor.
Note that ANY BCRA tiles can be ordered individually with any of the options described above.
** "An Abridged Technique to Diagnose Spectrophotometric Errors" R. Berns and L. Reniff, Color Research and Application, 22 51-60 (1997)