Physical Standards

Physical Standards

Avian Technologies offers a wide variety of standards for reflectance and transmittance, including diffuse and regular reflectance; color; wavelength calibration (both visible and NIR); and fluorescence for both optical brightness and chromatic fluorescent materials.



Scientific Instruments for measuring color & light, from Murakami Color Research Laboratories and Sciencetech, Inc.

Materials & Coatings

Our flagship material, Fluorilon™, exhibits the highest diffuse reflectance of any commercial material in the UV-Vis-NIR. We also offer diffuse white, black, and gold coatings.

Measurement Services

Measurement, Consulting,
& Coating Services

Avian Technologies offers custom measurement services for a variety of applications. Our full-service coating facility will work with you to coat your materials. We also offer consulting services for a variety of measurement applications.


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