Introducing Avian Light, LLC

Avian-Light LLC: A New Partner with Avian Technologies LLC

Throughout its three decade history, Avian Technologies has looked for new opportunities for growth. We began as a consultancy for companies involved in using UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy and then made the transition to becoming a manufacturing company, focusing on our experience and expertise in diffuse optical coatings and materials, and creating a laboratory to become a leader in the world of UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopic measurements and applications. More recently, in partnership with Dr. David Wyble and Avian Rochester, we were able to add expertise in color science and appearance measurements.

Beginning in 2019, we have agreed to represent the Canadian company Sciencetech in the United States. This representation will be facilitated with the expertise of Mike Jergens, an old friend and colleague, and his company Avian Light LLC.  Avian Technologies has had a long relationship with Mike Jergens, as he and Art Springsteen served together on the Board of Directors for the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements (CORM), an advisory group to NIST. Mike is well known in the optical metrology community, having served for 30 years at Rockwell Collins, Inc (a major manufacturer of military and commercial avionics & flight deck displays). Mike was responsible, as the primary metrologist for optical radiation measurements and standards, for maintaining various standards for radiometry, photometry, color and appearance. He was active corporate-wide having lead various advisory committees and participating in numerous working groups with tasks ranging from analyzing quality issues to providing content for enterprise learning solutions (e.g. The Fundamentals of Light and Color Measurement , published as a CBT module).

For the past year, Dr. Springsteen and Dr. Wyble have worked with Mike to develop ways to use his expertise to help grow Avian Technologies.  When the opportunity to represent Sciencetech arose, it became obvious that Mike’s expertise in this area would give Avian Technologies a good entry into the world of light measurement. As of May 1st, Avian Light will be working with Avian Technologies as our sales/support representative for Sciencetech in the USA.

We will continue to aid Avian Light in its development. We foresee other representation opportunities, and will be considering setting up a metrology laboratory for the measurement of ‘light’ (photometry and radiometry), in much the same way as Avian Technologies (reflectance/transmittance) and Avian Rochester (color and appearance) do for the optical properties of materials. Our team of working scientists (Art Springsteen and True Ricker at Avian Technologies; David Wyble at Avian Rochester; and Mike Jergens at Avian Light) have years of experience in performing laboratory measurements, writing procedures and standards, and hands on work in UV-VIS, NIR, color and now radiometry and photometry.

If you are involved with the measurement of light, or are interested in discussing the range of products produced by Sciencetech, give Mike a call or send him an email at He will be pleased to assist you with your optical metrology issues.