Joint Biennial CNC-CIE, CIE-USNC & CORM Conference 2023

The CNC-CIE, CIE-USNC, & CORM Conference 2023 - co-chaired by Avian Technologies' Director of Photometry & Radiometry Mike Jergens - will be held November 6-8,2023.

Online registration is open now.

Registration for the full conference, including the Division updates from the CNC/CIE and CIE-USNC, is $70 CAD (~$50 USD). The fee is waived for students, post-docs and retirees. Stand-alone registration for the Division updates is also free.

The Joint Conference will feature technical presentations and CIE division updates in the areas of optical radiation measurement and lighting science. A full schedule may be accessed at CIE-CORM_2023_Conference_Schedule.pdf (