Avian Technologies Materials in Spectroscopy Magazine

  In the latest edition of Spectroscopy Magazine, old friend and colleague Dr. Jerry Workman and Dr. Howard Mark discuss the use of photometric standards in the calibration of instruments to assure accurate measurements of transmittance and reflectance. We’re happy to … Read More

LC Instru Represents Avian Technologies

  Avian Technologies is pleased to welcome our newest representative, LC Instru. If you are interested in purchasing Avian Technologies products in France, give them a call! Visit our international sales page for more information on purchasing Avian Technologies’ products … Read More

Novel Uses of Fluorilon FW99 and FGS Reflectance Materials

  Fluorilon™ FW99 and Fluorilon grey scale materials (FGS-XX) have a long history of being used for remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging targets. The uniform diffuse reflectance and predictable scatter (in terms of BRDF) make Fluorilon an almost ideal material … Read More

New article explores photometric characterization of AluWhite98 & Lucideon Standards

A new article explores photometric characterization of Avian Technologies’ AluWhite98 standards and Lucideon color standards, among others, for calibration on the Mars 2020 Rover. Check it out at the SPIE Digital Library. In addition the the AluWhite98 standards, Avian Technologies … Read More

New Product: Low Reflectance Specular Standards

Avian Technologies LLC is pleased to introduce a new low reflectance specular reflectance standard. This standard, which consists of a  2” square of highly polished Schott UG-11 glass backed by a low reflectance diffuse material to absorb any transmitted radiation … Read More


3 weeks ago

Avian Technologies

This week Avian Technologies attended the CORM 2019 conference in Ottowa. (pictured: Mike Jergens, Dave Wyble, and Art Springsteen) ... See MoreSee Less

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