New Product: Low Reflectance Specular Standards

Avian Technologies LLC is pleased to introduce a new low reflectance specular reflectance standard. This standard, which consists of a  2” square of highly polished Schott UG-11 glass backed by a low reflectance diffuse material to absorb any transmitted radiation … Read More

Hustech Viet Nam Represents Avian Technologies

Avian Technologies has signed a new representative agreement with Hustech Viet Nam Co. Ltd. If you are interested in purchasing Avian Technologies’ products in Viet Nam, give them a call! Visit our international sales page for more information on purchasing … Read More

Introducing Avian Light, LLC

Avian-Light LLC: A New Partner with Avian Technologies LLC Throughout its three decade history, Avian Technologies has looked for new opportunities for growth. We began as a consultancy for companies involved in using UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy and then made the transition to … Read More

Spectroscopy References: Articles & Publications

While not a complete listing of relevant references for our standards and materials, this selected bibliography will help the reader gain knowledge of standards and instrumentation related to our products. ASTM Standards on Color and Appearance Measurement 6th Edition, 2000, … Read More