Spectroscopy References: Articles & Publications

While not a complete listing of relevant references for our standards and materials, this selected bibliography will help the reader gain knowledge of standards and instrumentation related to our products. ASTM Standards on Color and Appearance Measurement 6th Edition, 2000, … Read More

What We Measure, Part 2: Transmittance

Previously, we reviewed the first of the basic units we measure: reflectance.¬†We presented a simplified but rigorous definition of the way we quantify the flux reflected from a surface. In a similar way, this post addresses transmittance, which describes the … Read More

What We Measure, Part 1: Reflectance

The material properties we measure are reflectance and transmittance. The specific definitions can be complex and confusing, but we will present an explanation at the level of the non-expert in the spectroscopy and color measurement communities. Reflectance is the more … Read More