Avian-B White Reflectance Coating

Water-based high reflectance barium sulfate coating

Avian-B coating is a water based barium sulfate coating, primarily designed for laboratory applications. The coating is highly lambertian and exhibits reflectance of >97% over from 350-850 nm and greater than 92% from 250-1300 nm. When applied, the coating is stable from -40 degrees C to +90 degrees C. The coating is easily applied to most metal substrates and can be applied to other materials with proper surface preparation.

Avian-B is a well characterized coating that has been used for diffuse reflectance applications for more than 20 years.

Avian-B coating is available as either bulk coating or as coating services. Bulk coating comes shipped with preparation and coating instruction. The bulk coating ships without the alcohol propellant/co-solvent. Once propellant/solvent is added, one liter of Avian-B premix coating makes approximately two liters of finished coating.


  • Integrating spheres
  • Line and cylindrical scanners and illuminators
  • Reflective diffuser panels
  • Reflectance standards for laboratory and remote sensing applications
  • Collection spheres for fiber optic evaluation
  • Any place a high reflectance coating is needed for a laboratory application
Avian-B 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data
Avian-B 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data (click for full size)

For technical information including application instructions, SDS, and ROHS statement, see the coatings help page.


Avian B White Reflectance Coating – 500 ml bottle


Avian B White Reflectance Coating – 1000 ml bottle


Avian B White Reflectance Coating – 2000 ml
Sold as 2 1000 ml bottles


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