Avian Black-S

Water-based, spray-on diffuse black coating

Avian Black-S coating is a spray-on, two-part water-based urethane coating which exhibits low reflectance over a wide wavelength range.

The reflectance is <3.5% over most of the UV-Vis-NIR and approximately 3% or lower* over most of the range. The coating passes and exceeds Mil spec for live agents and durability. It is a low VOC coating (<1.8 lbs/gallon) and is non-flammable as applied.

The water-borne coating exhibits very low gloss and is very durable compared to most low-reflectance coatings. It is easily mixed and may be applied with standard spraying equipment. The coating may be applied over most primers. Typically a 3-4 mils thickness gives full opacity. Cleanup is easily done with water and detergent.

We offer Avian Black-S as either bulk coating or coating services. Bulk coating comes with preparation and coating instructions.

Typical 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data

Physical Properties

  • Gloss: 1%< @ 60°, <3.5% @ 85°
  • Flexibility: Pass 1/8″ Mandrel 180° bend
  • Viscosity: 70-75 KU
  • Pot Life: 4 hours
  • Coverage: calculator available on request
  • Air Quality: <1.8 lbs/gallon V.O.C.
  • Weathering: QUV >1000 hrs; Xenon Weatherometer >2000 hrs. no change
  • Chemical Resistance:
    • Water >168 hrs. immersion
    • Hydrocarbon TT-S-735 Type III: <168 hrs. immersion
    • 10% Acetic Acid: 1 hour spot

*More is Less: Reduce Reflectance with Thicker Application

In general, we recommend spraying Avian Black-S to an optimal thickness of approximately 4 mils (3-4 coats). This results in a very matte coating with reflectances of about 3% as noted above.

Our customers have found that they were able to decrease the coatings' reflectance to around 2%R by adding more coats, and even further by spraying from a longer distance to get a rougher texture. Since the coating contains plenty of binder, applications that may appear to be overspray have very good adhesion properties.

We have successfully replicated this result. With seven coats (7 mils), the coating reflectance drops to 2.1-2.2%R in the NIR (2.5% in the visible). When sprayed from a distance of approximately 15 inches, the reflectance dropped to 2% in the visible and around 1.9%R in the NIR.

If your application requires a very low reflectance in a spray-on coating, and can tolerate a slightly thicker coating build, we recommend this spray method. Contact us for more information and recommendations for application.

Reflectance factor of Avian Black-S @ 7 mils thick
Reflectance factor of Avian Black-S @ 7 mils thick (click for full size)

For technical information including application instructions, SDS, and ROHS statement, see the coatings help page.


Avian Black-S Coating – 1.5 Gallon Kit


Avian Black-S Coating – 1.5 Quart Kit


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