Avian-D White Reflectance Coating

High reflectance coating

Avian-D coating is a two-part water based urethane coating, which can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. The reflectance of Avian-D coating matches that of barium sulfate based coating in the visible region of the spectrum. The coating is also quite usable down into the near-UV and in the very near-IR.

Avian-D is waterproof and durable, and stable over the range -40 degrees C to about 85° C. It is ideal for field applications where the coating will experience variations in temperature and humidity, such as calibration plates and remote sensing targets. The coating is also ideal for large integrating spheres used in lamp measurement photometry where large amounts of UV are not present.

We offer Avian-D as either bulk coating or coating services. Bulk coating comes with preparation and coating instructions. The coating is a two part coating with a water phase with pigment, and an activator. The shelf life of the unmixed coating is 1-2 years; the pot life is approximately 48-72 hours after mixing.


  • Integrating spheres
  • Line and cylindrical scanners and illuminators
  • Reflective diffuser panels
  • Remote sensing targets
  • Reflectance standards for laboratory and remote sensing applications
  • Collection spheres for fiber optic evaluation
  • Any place a high reflectance coating is needed for a lab or field operation
Avian-D 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data
Avian-D 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data (click for full size)

For technical information including application instructions, SDS, and ROHS statement, see the coatings help page.


Avian D Reflectance Coating Gallon Kit (3784 ml)


Avian D Reflectance Coating Half Gallon Kit (1892 ml)


Avian D Reflectance Coating Quart Kit (946 ml)