Avian-DS Black

Etch-anodized diffuse black coating

Avian-DS black is an etch-anodize process similar to what was known as Martin Black. Avian-DS, however, is even more absorbent of light. It is the blackest material we’ve seen in almost twenty years in this field.

This coating can only be applied to aluminum substrates. Coating is a batch process; this may be prohibitively expensive for small lots, but is economical for large lots or OEM quantities.

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Comparison of Black Metal Treatments
Comparison of Black Metal Treatments (click for full size)

Typical 8°/Hemispherical Reflectance Data

We are working to extend the range of Avian-DS Black further into the NIR. The data shown is for our most recent iteration of the process.

Avian DS-Black

Etch-anodized process applied to an aluminum substrate
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