Coating Facility

Custom application for high- and low-reflectance coatings

Avian Technologies coating facility is available for the application of high and low reflectance diffuse optical coatings on a contract basis.

Avian Technologies will apply both Avian-B and Avian-D coatings. These coatings can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Integrating devices such as spheres and cylinders
  • Display Backlights (LCD) and Holographic Imaging Panels
  • Lamp Housings
  • Light Booths
  • Line Scanners and Illuminators
  • Baffles and other optical components where high reflectance is needed
  • Remote Sensing Targets (Avian-D only)
  • Solar Collectors (Avian-D only)
  • High Visibility Applications such as power generating wind turbines


In addition, Avian Technologies offers a durable low reflectance, Avian Black-S, for stray light reduction in applications including:

  • Cold shields
  • Telescope baffles
  • Instrument baffles
  • Detector assemblies

In addition to coating services, Avian Technologies offers consultation on the proper choice of coating, design services for optical components, and fabrication of prototype components.

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Coating Services

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