Color Filter Sets

Glass color transmittance standards

Color filter sets are useful for checking calibration of spectrophotometers and spectroradiometers in the color range (360-830 nm). Filters are colored glass, not thin films, so they are broadband rather than narrow band cut-off filters.


The 8-filter set includes the filters: GG395 (or equivalent) color balancing filter, BG3 Blue, BG460 Cyan, G533 Green, GG475 Yellow, OG550 Orange, RG620 Red, R-64 deep red.

The 12-filter set includes all filters in the 8-filter set, plus: GG550 lime-green, GG455 yellow green, OG 515 yellow, R695 deep red.

Please note that set composition is dependent on filter availability and may change without notice. We reserve the right to substitute close equivalent filters based on availability. If you have questions about the specific composition of your filter set, please contact us before purchasing.

Filters 1-6 Transmittance
Filters 1-6 Transmittance (click for full size)
Transmittance - 8-filter Set (click for full size)
Filters 7-12 Transmittance
Filters 7-12 Transmittance (click for full size)

Note that as some of the filters in our original color sets are no longer being produced, the composition of current CFS-08 and CFS-12 sets may not be identical to earlier sets. If you are concerned about matching prior sets, please contact us for additional information.


Set of eight filters (blue, blue-green, green, yellow, orange,
red, violet, broadband visible) in wooden box


Set of 12 filters in wooden box


Individual Colored Glass Filter
X is filter designation; contact us for details