Tunable Light Sources – Sciencetech Inc.

Tunable light sources from Scienctech, Inc.


  • Monochromatic light from 200 nm up to 2500 nm
  • Collimated, condensed, or coupled output light options. Light can be coupled to any optical system including fibers and fiber bundles
  • Adjustable optical resolution from 20 nm down to 0.2 nm
  • Flexibility of optional features: full automation, various sources and monochromators and more
  • Customized Solutions: All components of the system, including the light source and monochromator, can be changed



  • Absorption/transmission/reflection measurement systems
  • An excitation light in fluorescence measurement systems
  • Eye protection products measurement system
  • PEC photochemistry measurement systems
  • Solar cell quantum efficiency measurement systems


Product brochure: TLS Systems

Sciencetech Inc. Tunable Light Sources

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