Low Reflectance Specular Standards

Low-reflectance black glass standard

Avian Technologies’ Low-Reflectance Specular Standard consists of a  2” square of highly polished Schott UG-11 glass backed by a low reflectance diffuse material to absorb any transmitted radiation, all encased in a black Delrin holder. The standard may be used to characterize systems where a standard first surface mirror would be too reflective.

Standards are available calibrated over two spectral ranges: 250-2500 nm or 360-830 nm; with the calibration angle at near-normal geometry (8°). The reflectance at this angle is quite flat, in the order of 5-6%R.

Reflectance Data
Reflectance (click for full size)

2" square low-reflectance glass standard in Delrin holder


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