Powder Press Kits

Kits for fabrication of reflectance standards

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The CIE and ASTM both specify either packed barium sulfate or packed polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder as standards for the measurement of diffuse reflectance. Both powders are very close in reflectance and scattering to the ‘perfect reflecting diffuser’ that is the idealized model for diffuse reflectance. Avian Technologies offers kits for the accurate and reproducible fabrication of such standards.

We offer kits to produce 25 mm and 52 mm diameter standards.

Each kit includes:

  • 3-part press
  • 2 calibrated cups for production of standards
  • 500 g of PTFE or highly purified barium sulfate powder (barium sulfate only available in 25 mm kit)
  • Instructions for use

We also offer refills of standard powders.


1.25" PTFE Standard Press Kit


2.00" PTFE Standard Press Kit


Replacement purified PTFE – 500g


Replacement purified PTFE – 1000g


Replacement Purified & Blended Barium Sulfate – 500g


Replacement Purified & Blended Barium Sulfate – 1000g


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