Remote Sensing & LIDAR Targets

Avian Technologies offers large diffuse reflectance targets in gray scale, black, and white for remote sensing and LIDAR applications.

Targets are produced by spraying coatings based on Avian-D or Avian-Black-S coating on thin honeycomb aluminum substrates. The targets are quite light for their size: for example, a 1m square target weighs about 4 kg. We can produce reflectance values in the gray scale ranging from around 10% - 80%, as well as white (R=97-98%) and black (R=3%) targets.

The targets handle adverse weather conditions well. One array of 40 targets are still in use after a year and a half on a 20 foot high tower on an army base in New Jersey. Similar targets have spent a number of years in fields in the midwest.

Our customers have included the military and commercial (autonomous vehicles) applications in targets up to 1m x 2m in size, and in various shapes and configurations.

We specialize in custom applications. Contact us to discuss your remote sensing/LIDAR target needs.


Remote sensing targets are custom-made for your application.
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