Transmittance Measurements

Custom measurement services

Avian Technologies is equipped to perform measurements of regular and total transmittance at normal incidence and, in some cases, reflectance versus incidence angle for non-scattering samples.

Regular transmittance measurements are performed on a Perkin-Elmer 9/19 spectrophotometer with photomultiplier/lead sulfide detectors. Non-scattering samples up to 4″ square can be measured from 200-3000 nm. Scattering samples also require an integrating sphere for collection of the scattered radiation; depending on the size and scattering of the samples and the wavelength range needed, we employ either a 60 mm or 150 mm integrating sphere accessory.

In cases requiring non-standard geometries, we work closely with Avian Rochester, LLC. Our colleagues at Avian Rochester have access to a wide variety of flexible instrumentation to meet every customized measurement need.


All measurements are charged with a fixed setup fee, which includes instrument set up, calibration, verification, and documentation, plus a fee for each set of measurements. Quantity discounts are available. Contact us for pricing information for both standard and custom measurement services.

We pride ourselves in the quick turnaround of highly accurate and traceable measurements, typically within one week of receiving samples.

All data is reported as hard copy in either 10 or 25 nm increments and in digital format (Microsoft Excel or tab delimited format) at 1 nm (UV-Vis) or 5 nm (UV-Vis-NIR) increments. Graphical data is presented. All samples are double or triple scanned and averaged.


Contact us to discuss your measurement needs.