Mid-Infrared Transmittance Standards

Transmittance Standards for Mid-IR

The National Physical Laboratory (UK), The National Research Council Canada, and NIST have described a transfer standard for mid-infrared transmittance. This standard is a Schott neutral density glass that is calibrated for transmittance at seven points in the mid-IR between 4000 cm-1 and 2000 cm-1.

Each Avian Technologies MIR transmittance standard includes the filter, a standard filter holder that fits all dispersive and Fourier transform infrared spectrometers, and calibration data (traceable to NRC) at all seven points, along with a transmittance curve. Instructions on the use of the standard are provided.

Mid-IR Transmittance Standards Transmittance
Mid-IR Transmittance Standards Transmittance (click for full size)

Transfer standard for mid-infrared transmittance


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