Mono Instruments

Avian Technologies is pleased to represent Doug Bevington of Mono Instruments. Doug has over 30 years of experience servicing Perkin-Elmer UV-Vis-NIR instruments. He specializes in out-of-warranty and no longer supported instruments, and can provide service on a wide variety of instruments for more reasonable prices than a service contract.

Doug offers virtual services in the United States through Avian Technologies. He can be contracted for telephone consultations, Zoom meetings, conference calls, etc. to discuss your instrument issues.  He has also developed instructional videos to help you work through many common instrument maintenance procedures and repairs. 

Doug has previously worked on a wide variety of instruments, including but not limited to:

  • UV-Vis Spectometers: Lambda-20, Lambda-25, Lambda-45
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometers: Lambda-9, Lambda-19, Lambda-900 (mechanical and optics)
  • Dispersive-IR Spectrometers: PE-783, PE-883, PE-983
  • ...and more!

Contact Avian Technologies to inquire about your instrument repair needs, and for rates and scheduling.

Doug also offers services outside of the United States through Mono Instruments - contact us for Mono Instruments' contact information.