Avian Technologies Represents Murakami Color Research Laboratories

Avian Technologies is the exclusive representative of Murakami Color Research Laboratories in the United States, Europe, and the majority of North and South America.

Murakami has been one of Japan's premiere instrument manufacturers for over 50 years. Their product line includes devices designed to measure various optical properties including reflectance, transmittance, haze, and gloss. We offer the full line of Murakami instruments, including gloss meters, haze meters, goniospectrophotometers, and more.

We will consult with you to determine the best instrument for your applications, and assist you throughout the purchase & delivery process. In addition, we offer expert installation services in conjunction with Doug Bevington of Mono Instruments.

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Instrument Types

We offer several categories of Murakami Instruments.

Goniometric Instruments

Goniometric instruments measure optical properties as a function of incident and detection angles. These measurements are critical for goniochromatic samples, some of which are known as pearlescents, effects pigments, or gonio-apparent materials.

Color Instruments

Color instruments measure spectral reflectance or transmittance using conventional measurement geometries.

Gloss Instruments

Gloss instruments measure specular reflection. These are not color measurements, but still very critical to the appearance of surfaces.

Haze Instruments

Haze instruments measure specific types of transmittance or translucence.

Online Systems

Online systems are designed for high-speed measurements in production environments.

We understand that these instruments represent a significant investment for your workplace. Avian Technologies will work with you to ensure that you select the right instrument to meet your needs. We will also work with you throughout the purchase and installation process.

Please contact us for more information about the purchase and installation process, price quotes, or to discuss how a Murakami instrument can meet your measurement needs.