Murakami Haze and Clarity Instrumentation

The Murakami product line offers two formats for haze measurement: bench-top systems for traditional laboratory use and online systems for production environments. In addition, a clarity meterĀ is available for the special case of very low scattering (and therefore low haze) materials.

Benchtop Systems
Online Systems

Technical Overview

Haze is a measure of the degree of scattering in a sample. The instruments are based on an integrating sphere, which captures all light passing through the sample, regardless of the angle at which it exits the sample. The upper diagram shows a highly-scattering material, the lower diagram shows a non-scattering sample. The haze metric is based upon one measurement with the black trap in place and one measurement with the diffuse white in place. By subtraction the amount of scattered light (haze) is quantified. The on-line systems cannot make these multiple measurements, and are based on more complex instrumentation, but the principle is the same, where more off-axis (scattered) light results in a higher haze metric.

Scattering Schematic
Non-Scattering Schematic