Goniometric Instruments – Murakami Color Research Laboratories

Instruments designed to measure the optical properties of materials as a function of angle.

The Murakami product line includes several instruments designed to measure the optical properties of materials as a function of angle. These instruments are divided into two classes: those measuring spectral reflectance and those measuring photometric information only.

GonioSpectrophotometric Measurement System (GCMS) instruments

The series of GonioSpectrophotometric Measurement System (GCMS) instruments all measure spectral reflectance. Both systems include computer, GPIB interface card, and software, fully installed and ready to go. Depending on the device and the selection of options, many angles can be varied: incident, detect, sample flop, sample rotation. Instruments can also be used to measure the same suite of configuration in transmittance mode.

The GCMS series systems are also available without the computer and GPIB interface as the GSP series (GSP-1B/GSP-2). Software is included for installation on your computer. See above for brochures.

GonioPhotometer (GP) instruments

The GonioPhotometer (GP) series measures reflectance and transmittance using a single broadband detector, and hence it is not a spectral device.

The fundamental difference between these classes of instruments is in their applications. Customers requiring extremely fine angular control should consider the GP series. The sensitive broadband detector allows the use of a small measurement size. This in turn allows for useful measurements at very fine angular resolution. Customers requiring color information must choose a GCMS instrument. The spectral measurements are useful for a wide range of gonio-chromatic materials.

Goniometric Instruments

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