New Product: Low Reflectance Specular Standards

Avian Technologies LLC is pleased to introduce a new low reflectance specular reflectance standard. This standard, which consists of a  2” square of highly polished Schott UG-11 glass backed by a low reflectance diffuse material to absorb any transmitted radiation … Read More

Hustech Viet Nam Represents Avian Technologies

Avian Technologies has signed a new representative agreement with Hustech Viet Nam Co. Ltd. If you are interested in purchasing Avian Technologies’ products in Viet Nam, give them a call! Visit our international sales page for more information on purchasing … Read More

Introducing Avian Light, LLC

Avian-Light LLC: A New Partner with Avian Technologies LLC Throughout its three decade history, Avian Technologies has looked for new opportunities for growth. We began as a consultancy for companies involved in using UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy and then made the transition to … Read More